A Reality show following the adventures of David Harmon while he travels the globe promoting his Winery “ Carneros della Notte”.    

Often called a “Renaissance Man” –  David was former chauffeur to Robert Mondavi and founder of the website “Wine.com”.

This is a reality show that was created to show what it is like to start-up a small winery in Napa Valley. It turned out to be a reality show about me and my travels around the world while still working at a start-up winery. We have been taping for over 8 years and we are in the process of editing the footage for season one. We will be posting updated information on the website.




Here are a few links to videos

http://youtu.be/EFP7sh9Ythw                                                  http://youtu.be/VmIhOlAP-H4

http://youtu.be/KlIwcZswGZ4                                                 http://youtu.be/75VvGOn7pjI

http://youtu.be/Q-fyVqG--kk                                                http://youtu.be/GA8kA37qb64